General idea of the project

MonTech project will foster social inclusion and equity in multicultural schools across Europe through highly innovative and engaging activities based on a new approach that blends the Montessori method with cutting-edge Maker Education learning experiences.

The idea is to design a new approach that starts from a well-tested traditional method (Montessori) and adds EdTech methodologies (Maker Education and Creative Computing) with the double objective of adapting Montessori to the new context of multicultural schools (schools with a significant amount of children with refugee/migrant/minority background) and updating it with modern but affordable digital tools/methods for schools with few economic resources.


The main objective of this project is to facilitate the social inclusion of children with refugee/migrant or minority background in their school environment.

The first specific objective of the project is to support teachers and educators that are teaching in multicultural schools to increase effectively their educational performance by implementing creative methods of learning in their classes.

The second specific objective is the measurable increase of the educational performance of these children.

Main targets

Our main targets are children with refugee/migrant or minority background studying in elementary schools in Europe, and also the teachers who teach in the multicultural schools where these children attend.