Montessori Europe Congress 2023

Part of the MonTech team recently embarked on an enriching journey to Gdansk, Poland, for the Montessori Europe Annual Congress 2023. Their presence at this event was due to the honour of leading a workshop that delved into our Erasmus + project: “Blended Montessori-Creative Technologies Approach for Effective Inclusion in Multicultural Schools.”

On the first day of the congress, they attended the Research Day, a platform designed to showcase the accomplishments of scholars and provide a unique opportunity to engage with the international research community. 

The second day was brimming with excitement, featuring captivating keynote presentations in the morning, followed by interactive discussions skillfully moderated by a facilitator. In the afternoon, the spotlight shifted to workshops, where our colleagues got to action.

During our workshop session, they introduced the core concepts of our project and shared our vision of Creative Technologies. The session also featured hands-on activities where participants had the opportunity to explore some workshops of the Guidance Book for Teachers. These activities illustrated various ways to incorporate technology while remaining faithful to Montessori principles. The enthusiasm and curiosity displayed by the participants warmed our hearts, and it was evident that this exchange of knowledge was a two-way street.

The closing day of the congress included an Adolescents’ Forum organized by a platform that empowers adolescents to have a voice. Furthermore, a panel discussion was held to critically engage with Montessori practices and principles, considering alternative pedagogical approaches that align with the Montessori perspective.

Our colleagues were effusive in their praise for this incredible experience. They witnessed firsthand the unwavering passion and dedication that Montessori educators and advocates bring to their roles. They felt grateful for the organization of  this collaborative platform that not only encouraged Montessorians to think “outside the box” but also provided “outsiders” like us with an invaluable opportunity to learn from their wealth of experience and ongoing commitment.