Blended Montessori – Creative Technologies approach for Successful

Training the Teachers
20-21 February

MonTech Methodology

The Montech project will boost social inclusion and equity in multicultural schools across Europe through activities based on a new approach that combines the Montessori method with cutting-edge Maker Education learning experiences.
During the MonTech course in Romania, a number of 100 teachers discovered the principles underlying the Montessori method as well as the principles on which creative technologies are based.

Creative technologies’ is a very general term and can be approached from different perspectives.
In the MonTech course, we aim to use technology to make the lessons attractive and interesting.
The Montech guide was presented to the participating teachers, a guide that contains 24 workshops that promote the use of creative technologies alongside Montessori principles.
The teachers participated in a number of 7 workshops during the course, thus having the opportunity to observe the teaching materials used as well as the steps of the lesson according to Montessori concepts.